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Custom Art Amiibo: ACNH Sanrio Collection (Hand Made)

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  • Complete Set Rilla, Marty, étoile, Chai, Chelsea, Toby in one set.
  • Very cute, easy to use directly, let you enjoy the game.
  • Home made Home made NFC game cards with the same function as Sanrio Collaboration Pack Amiibo cards.
  • In ACNH, when using the Sanrio Collaboration amiibo cards, you can obtain in-game character-themed posters, order Sanrio themed items and invite residents to your island!

  • How to use your amiibo cards

    Step One: After launching Animal Crossing: New Horizons, head to the Nook Stop at Resident Services
    Step Two: Select “Invite a Camper”
    Step Three: Hold the amiibo card to the NFC touchpoint on your Nintendo Switch.

    On the Joy-Con, the NFC touchpoint is located on the right control stick.

    On the Pro Controller, the NFC touchpoint is located over the Nintendo Switch logo at the top-centre of the controller
    On Nintendo Switch Lite, the NFC touchpoint is located on the right control stick.





    I use high quality PVC plastic cards, they are the shape and size of a credit card and very sturdy.  They include a Laser Printed inject label of your villagers image affixed to identify it.


    These are handmade items, expect to possibly see minor imperfections in the cards. 95% of our images are of excellent quality, a small handful have average quality due to availability of images used. 

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.