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Animal Crossing Series 5 Amiibos NFC Costume Cards

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Series 5

$4 Each 

YOUR PICK from Series 5 Complete (48) card pack that Includes Raymond, Judy, Audie, Dom, Sherb, Cyd, Megan, Reneigh, and 40 others!




Send me your list of villagers, I will make a listing just for you with your villagers to purchase. 


These are compatible with New Leaf as well as New Horizons 


We use high quality PVC plastic NFC cards and coins.  They are the shape and size of a credit card and very sturdy. 


Save time and money by selecting your villagers versus countless Nook miles searching for expensive and hard to find rare villagers.


These are handmade items, expect to possibly see minor imperfections in the cards.  95% of our images are of excellent quality, a small handful have average quality due to the availability of images used beyond my control. We use stickers as an identifier instead of just scribbling a name on a blank card with a black sharpie. The intended purpose, which is to summon a specific villager, is 100% the same regardless of the image used.


This item get shipped 2 days after order has been placed, Monday through Friday. Order placed on weekends and holidays will be shipped  the next business day. This item will be shipped with standard shipment that usually takes 3-5 business days. During the Holidays expect delays by USPS. Tracking number will be provided as soon shipping label is created